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Rachel Leah formed Love Forever Gifts with Angela Lippman in November of 2009. As friends and business partners in the past they realized they could combine their talents once again to create a successful business so they started selling baby dolls on ebay.

Rachel an astute marketer was also an artist in her own right and began selling some of her own creations as well as Mattel's Barbie and Baby so Real dolls. She started making dolls that looked remarkably like real babies. This generally new art form was called reborning, and it was taking the world by storm. Reborning is the art of taking a regular mold of a doll and adding hair extensions and paint, as well as other techniques such as weight to make the mold look and feel like a real newborn baby.

During one of Rachel and Angela's many meetings on improving customer experience, they realized that to enhance the experience of buying a doll that looks and feels like a real baby, they should also go one step further and let the mothers feel like they were actually adopting a baby. This of course included adoption papers, and the name Love Forever Nursery.

In early 2010 Angela and Rachel started to branch out. They created and manufactured their own line of handbags which they sold in boutiques in Manhattan. Since they sold dolls under the name Love Forever Nursery, Love Forever Handbags was the natural choice of names for their new label. It was an instant success in the Village of New York City. These stylish bags needed a home online so www.loveforeverhandbags.com was created. Needing a home for men to shop exclusively www.menscoachwallet.com was created.

As sales from the company grew more products such as sunglasses and jewelry were added to the already successful Love Forever Nursury, and Love Forever Handbags and so the name Love Forever Gifts was born.

We invite you to shop at our www.loveforevergifts.com website. It is constantly expanding and being updated regularly. It is now the hub to reach all of our products and services including our affiliate program where we teach you how to make money on the web!

We also have a special section where we sell gold and diamond testers. These highly sensitive devices are invented by Joseph Gubitz, who happens to be Leah's father. Quickly becoming the standard for gold and diamond testing, The Golden Touch gold tester, and the Diatest diamond tester is a must have for any jeweler.

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